Well, that seems to be the bread and butter workout.  Big bad winds today on the twenty-two mile loop around the lakes here, with a thousand feet of elevation gain.  I’m not taking any chances on the downhills with crosswinds and panniers.  Braking can be done with dignity.

There was a little bit of rain today, too.  That got me thinking more about the clothing we will take.  I’m following the blog of a friend who is doing the Oregon Coast right now, and he is definitely hitting some rain.

Here’s an idea that I stumbled upon from a Web site called “Gossamer Gear.”  It appears to be a cheap rain suit.

Lynette’s coming up.  That’s good.

So far, I have almost 300 miles in.  I think Lynette is at 175.

A cheap rain suit

Cheap Suit

One thought on “Twenty-two.

  1. We used hotel shower caps when we rode in Italy. They could go over our helmets when it rain and they could also go over our seats. Just another idea for weather.

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